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Writer, Producer, Director of STABILITI

Entertainment packed indie sci-fi crime thriller - STABILITI makes noise in the Kannada film industry

Tell us about inside outs of films

Goutham Kanade : Movies are an important art form and a popular source of entertainment. Today, they have become a powerful medium for educating and conveying social messages. With the current pandemic situation, it’s all the more crucial for people to remain sane in their homes. And, what better than movies? Indeed, the films that made you giggle, cry, motivate, miss your friends and family, and above all made you hopeful in life. A good storyline, screenplay, and cinematography charms the audience and keeps them glued to the screen, isn’t it? Thanks to the film industry that believes in the power of movies and entertainment quotients.

Explain what exactly filmmaking means

Goutham Kanade : Most of us have been told that filmmaking isn’t a cakewalk and might cost us millions and millions. We additionally have been made to accept that film budgeting includes hiring creative talent, production costs, insurance, marketing & promotions costs, distribution costs, and so on. Well, it needn't necessarily be. STABILITI, an upcoming independent Kannada feature film (science-fiction crime thriller) has been made by full-time working professionals. All pre-production, filming, and post-production work had been carried out after office hours and over the weekends. The most intriguing fact is that this 110-minutes film was made in less than INR 5 lakhs. Surprising, isn’t it?

So, what’s the storyline?

Goutham Kanade : The film revolves around R&AW agents who try to tackle a criminal mastermind as he wreaks havoc across India. The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Hassan, Hubli, and Kokkada. This ambitious project marks the debut of several newcomers like Kashyap Bhaskar, Sandeep T C, Lakshmi Ambuga and Srinidhi Talak who play the lead roles and also features renowned artists like S N Sethuram and Santosh Karki playing supporting but pivotal roles.

Please tell us about amazing passion for making movies and your Achievements

Goutham Kanade : “It’s all about the consistency & dedication. When you are obsessed with an idea or a story, it has to be acted upon; after all what are dreams without action.” Goutham along with his talented & enthusiastic team believed in the script of STABILITI and knew this was their calling. Everyone in the team contributed during production like acting, props, sets, make-up, lighting, holding the boom mic, serving meals, and so on without expecting any monetary compensation.

The screenplay has already won 9 awards at various film festivals including Golden Sparrow, Havelock, Indo-French, Indo-Singapore, Gona, and Uruvatti film festivals as well as a semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest.

STABILITI isn’t merely a movie but a belief that If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll achieve your goals.

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