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Managing Director of DRXFIT (FiiTNESS PLUS)

Tell us something about yourself, your journey.

Dr Suresh: As I always into sports and fitness since my childhood, after completing my graduation as Dental Surgeon, In the process of acquiring more knowledge in health and fitness, I completed courses in sports medicine/ injury management, fitness psychology, Kinesiology, Transformation Specialist etc. from USA and UK. I was fortunate and thankful to have a very supportive Dad whom I lost this year. I started taking classes (DRS) and motivational classes for corporates, celebrities and CEOs in 2000. And in 2005 started FiiTNESS PLUS.

What were the challenges you have faced at the time of inception?

Dr Suresh: Luckily I didn’t find any major challenges at the time of inception but later a couple of fitness centre started close to us. As usual, we got competitors and the only challenge was heavy discounts which they offer. But we trusted in our unique quality training (DRS) &services rather than discounts like others do. The primal challenge is inspiring people that they can be healthy and fit at any age, at any time. “And customers trust us that we can help them in changing their lifestyle. Once we have some example it’s a cakewalk, we stick to basics and had patients. My competitors had no options to move out of that area.

What incident had most influenced your career choice?

Dr Suresh: I always keep myself fit and healthy and keep experimenting with my own body as a subject with the knowledge which I acquired with passion. Looking at me people started asking for advice and help which they are not getting from fancy gyms outside. It is very difficult to get true fitness because of money-making minds in this industry. That’s where I thought to step into the fitness industry to help people with real and true fitness.

How often should I work out?

Dr Suresh: I suggest a minimum of 3-6 days a week which includes 3 days of strength workout and 2-3 day of cardio workout required to live a healthier life.

What qualities do you possess that, in your belief, makes you a good leader?

Dr Suresh: I believe life is a learning process.

  • It is very important to keep updating yourself and technology

  • Stick to the basics

  • Be truthful and do fair business

  • Follow rules

  • Thrive for more

  • Make the Hard Choice

  • Know the Team

  • Believe in yourself

  • Articulate a clear vision

  • Do not lead by force

  • Focus on developing others

  • Communication

  • Gratitude

  • A positive attitude

What do you do, if anyone comes to you with the mindset that has no time to exercise, what can I do?

Dr Suresh: We introduced DRXFIT for those who have a mindset of no time to exercise. The current survey shows 85% people are not working out be it at home or Gym or fitness centers due to various reasons or excuses. It might be a shy factor or no time or being lazy or due to not getting a proper fitness guide, heavy prices or confusion by too many online workouts which are not specific to their body needs. Now no excuses for them.

First time in India introducing “DRXFIT”, where people get personalized programs and they can work out at their convenience places spending as low as 15minutes-51minutes only. People don’t have to spend hours and they can lose fat while enjoying other important things in their life. They can also get motivation and nutritional guides accordingly, along with whatever their medical conditions are PCOD, Thyroid, Cholesterol, vitamins, knee joint, spondylitis, slip disc, Spain, etc. DRXFIT has solutions for that. So, to be healthy and enjoying life ahead without hospital admissions, people need to subscribe to DRXFIT

Are Supplements Bad for us?

Dr Suresh: Not actually, there is a lot of misunderstanding about supplementation. People who follow my articles will get all the answers.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your own life?

Dr Suresh: There are a couple of obstacles which I faced, in that number one is broke my left-hand elbow when I met with an accident in 2018, due to that I didn’t work out for nearly 9 weeks. After that, I struggled for three months to get back to my fitness level. The second one COVID19 has changed the way we think and we are completely adapted to ONLINE(DRXFIT) services which are getting good response from clients.

How do you evaluate fitness?

Dr Suresh: At DRXFIT, we evaluate fitness in four key areas. Cardio or aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition (BMI, BMR etc). To do your assessment, you'll need A stopwatch. AA CTO fit to scale. A cloth measuring tape

What are your long-term fitness goals?

Dr Suresh: As we already taken fitness to next level with the help of technology, we strive to improve our quality services online as well to reach more people globally. There will be a huge demand for online services (Corporate, group& Individual) post COVID19 as everyone shifting online. Also strives to achieve our

primary goal of making a positive difference one person at a time through the provision of professional health and fitness-related services to the public community so that we may truly live up to our creed of "Making Fitness A Way Of Life".

Awards and recognitions along the way

Dr Suresh: Having over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Dr Suresh achieved several awards like – Best MSME 2017 by INDIA5000 , the nomination of Fitness Plus under the service category for the “GLOBE Platinum Awards 2016 – Asia-Pacific – The Potential Economic Numero Uno”, and the nomination of Dr Suresh (Managing Director) as the leader for the “Global Leadership Of Business Excellence Awards 2016.”

Also recognized as Health Hour Guest at A well-known radio station in 2015 as well as featured in reputed magazines 2017 And 2019.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DRXFIT

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drstraining

Instagram: https://instagram.com/drxfit_life

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-suresh-babu-

Email: drsuresh@fiitnessplus.com and drxfit4life@gmail.com

Website: https://www.drxfit.com/


  • We have been a forerunner in the realm of fitness. Hence when the world just started to see Cross-fit as a way of better fitness, Dr Suresh had already introduced its way back in 2008 with a different name – DRS-XFIT.

  • Unique DRS training accepted by globally

  • We are the first completely technology based fitness services in India with less man power.

  • Over a lakh organic follower.

  • Before pandemic we changed our business model from FiiTNESS PLUS to DRXFIT. And we aim to deliver fitness to every corner of the world in coming years.