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Elangovan founder & Director,Sak Biz Group

Would you tell us about Yourself, Your Journey, Initial Struggle?

I’m a business enthusiast and managing director of SaK Biz Group for up to 5 years now. During my college days, I was working part-time and I found that my interests were always inclined towards starting a business and a brand of my own someday. Soon after my graduation in Civil Engineering, I prepared myself and embraced the journey to launch my own business.

I started SK Houzzin in June 2017, with no manpower and no financial support and all I had was just 100 business cards which I shared with a few engineers and aggregators by visiting their offices and few constructions sites within my reach of Chennai. I did a detailed study about the industry in order to get the hang of it and understand the nuances of running a business starting from marketing, sales and also managing the field-oriented works by myself.

After a few hiccups, I drew up plans for my primary business, the SaK Biz Group which is now branched into several ventures in different verticals, one of which is SK Houzz. Through SK Houzz, I aspire to take this mission of offering the finest artisanship for Residences, Offices/Institutions and Commercial projects and turn them into more functional and exquisite spaces. As far as SK Houzz is concerned, it is creating a notable disruption in the market offering cutting-edge solutions that have now grown as a successful team of 50 members and have reached an annual turnover of few crores.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

We believe in a transformational leadership-based work culture which in turn has led to co-ordinate with our team members efficiently. Over the past few years, various architectural construction planning technologies have emerged, changing the way we design. It seems inevitable that as the world goes through the process of digitization, the world of Architectural planning will eventually follow the same path. While many see this transformation as a bane, I consider itas a boon, an opportunity to innovate and move forward with optimism.

I believe in automating solutions by avoiding manual systems. If we wouldn’t spend so much time generating results, we could use our time to explore new ways to innovate and improve our design solutions. We, at SK Houzz, have always embraced new technologies to improve our products and keep up with the changing needs of cities and communities. Yet, the past year has illuminated the growing need to innovate the way that we work, live, and collaborate.

The ability to adopt new technologies and being future-ready will help us move forward. I think it’s time we stop seeing ourselves as “worker bees” and start using our creativity and deep-thinking capabilities to explore new possibilities — this will help our industry evolve.

What incident had most influenced your career choice?

The grail for standing on my own feet and crafting a path for myself existed in me from a very young age. There are many incidents that led me to pursue this path. One such incident was at the age of 10 when my Maths teacher at school asked my friend about his father’s profession, my friend replied that his dad was a Businessman. And my maths teacher was very curious and excited to know about his dad’s Business ventures and not mine.

That’s when I discovered the term ‘Business’ and ever since that I wanted to pursue business and wanted people to recognise me as an all-rounder entrepreneur and it is that zeal and thirst to achieve that keeps me on my feet. I chose Civil engineering because I wanted to leave a footprint in this industry for 50 years which led me to start my Construction, Architecture& Interior Design Firm and thereby playing a small part in contributing to the infrastructure development in India.

4. Why choose SK Houzz?

SK Houzz has our own core values to provide a one-stop high scale Design solution for all your business needs as all our services are sourced in-house. The name ‘SK Houzz’ represents my name initials.

Apart from this, we expanded ourselves in various dimensions and have tried our skills in being a solution provider, FIT HR and Education Consultancy -HR consultant, Inspire Tech Academy-education consultant, Art ‘N’ Arch - arts, social activities and others.

What/Who Inspires SK Houzz to start a Construction, Architecture & Interior Design Firm in such a vast industry?

The grail for standing on my own feet and crafting a path for myself existed in me from a very young age. I wanted people to recognise me as an all-rounder entrepreneur and that zeal keeps me on my feet.

What kind of support you needed when you started SK Houzz?

A great need for financial support, scalable business ideas and good mentors for career guidance were my needs during the start of SK Houzz.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new people?

Yesterday’s data architecture can’t meet today’s need for speed, flexibility, and innovation. The key to a successful upgrade and significant potential rewards agility and digitalization.

Our entire objective of the exercise is to ensure our clients with functional as well as aesthetical designs sketched out and availing the best ideas, skills and the latest available technology in town. We strive for constructing the dream house of our clients the way they have imagined it to be and providing innovative and quality solutions. Maintaining a cordial relationship with the clients and provide client focussed solutions and pricing Is our key strategy to grow.

At SK Houzz, we do not have any hierarchy system whoever is talented and works dedicatedly is bestowed with the suiting position. While hiring candidates we do not focus on their academic success but evaluate their

creativity and adroitness. We maintain a robust work culture that preaches equality, friendliness and prosperity.

The diverse approaches have empowered the company to grow exponentially. It has comprehended onward progress in terms of clients, witnessing more than 100 per cent growth. This has to a great extent boosted up the revenue and performance of the company as well. The company has so far set the seal on a number of huge projects, be it constructing a residence or designing the interiors of a house. It is currently working on several construction assignments in some of the major cities of the country.

How does SK Houzz work on making mankind better? What can be expected from SK Houzz in the upcoming years?

As a business enthusiast, I have involved myself in a couple of businesses and ventured into multiple brands throughout my journey of entrepreneurship so far. Inspire Tech Academy is one such establishment of my experience-based thoughts which gives motivational and technical skill classes for failed students. The whole idea of Inspire tech academy is to drive the students to build self-esteem, craft a career path and prove that failure cannot decide one's destiny. I also have few business ideas to start in the food and logistics industries.

How do you keep up with the latest technology/resource's advances?

Things move fast in the tech world. As new trends constantly emerge, keeping up-to-date can be tricky. But staying on top of the new technologies shaping your industry is essential for the Innovative drive, accomplishing business goals, and remaining competitive.

Encouraging every teammate to conduct their research and become a thoughtful leader in their field of work. Regular meetings bring team members together to share knowledge while setting up a shared space for resources gives the entire team equal access leading to the growth of the team as a whole.

I honestly think it would not be fair to give credit to a single person only. I learned so much in my career sector. We have an excellent and diverse team in the workplace, with many constructive conflicts. Feedbacks flew freely in all directions, which helped me to identify the areas of improvement in my work, and to become much better in what I do. I consider my entire team as my biggest asset.

How do you evaluate success?

According to my, success isn't that which can merely be measured, as I feel success is a continuous process that u get throughout, every stage of your life. But at present, I can tell you one thing for sure. Having been a backbencher in his entire schooling and College days, and being interviewed today by you is a success is what I feel.