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8 Best Free CRM Solutions for Start-ups

A start-up has to face many hurdles in the beginning due to bootstrapping, scalability and identifying market needs and fit for their product or service.  Normally a start-up has very little manpower in order to reduce their burnout rate (tracking the amount of monthly cash that a company spends before it starts generating its own income.)  This means every member should don multiple hats and oversee multiple responsibilities.  A good start-up and its founders would make the wise decision to find processes which need automating and will make the shift so as to give them room to employ skills elsewhere.  For example, if a start-up relies on high volume sales from a regular customer, it makes sense to automate the process of invoicing and sales.  Payroll and attendance can be linked and automated on a common dashboard.  This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into the picture.  To a layman, CRM is a tool or a strategy which helps businesses organise or strategically manage their customer data.  Data was previously stored in databases on single computers but with the advent of the internet, digital marketing and cloud computing, accessing data has never been easier, thereby making life easier for start-ups.  


A CRM platform or a tool in the current era is a software which connects different departments from front office to back office and organises notes/data, metrics, analytics into one smooth and cohesive ecosystem.  Every user has direct access to real time client and internal data which lets start-ups add a personalized approach to clients.  For example if a start-up has recurring monthly sales sale from an individual customer, the tool can generate an invoice monthly as well as allowing the freedom to include a gift on special occasions for recurring customers.


In this article we give a list of 8 best and free CRM solutions for start-ups looking to scale up.

1) HubSpot 

HubSpot is a CRM tool which offers complete toolkits and integrations which lets start-ups increase leads, accelerate sales and streamline customer services.  They have a CRM offering for sales, marketing, services and content management which lets start-ups choose what works best for them.

2) Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM tool lets start-ups customize their requirements to suit specific needs.  The CRM is designed for individual functions like process management, sales automation, marketing automation, predictive sales and many more letting the start-ups choose the best tool for their organisation.  The CRM tool can be used by start-ups from any kind of industry and is used by some of the world’s largest organisations like Amazon and Ola.


3) Insightly

Insightly prides itself on being the best CRM tool for start-ups which rely on G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.  Insightly provides CRM software for businesses of all sizes across a range of industries such as manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media and advertising, non-profit, technology and others.


4) Flowlu

Flowlu offers CRM solutions for businesses by providing essential tools for efficient business management from projects to sales and marketing.  Instead of having a different program for lead generation, accounting, and human resources, Flowlu puts everything on the cloud. The CRM also offers tools for financial management.


5) Freshworks

Freshworks or Freshsales as it was formerly known, is a CRM provider with powerful integrations.  Start-ups would benefit from this CRM as they have a free offering and also by providing the option to upgrade the services.  This option shows the kind of trust Freshworks has in its CRM platform.


6) Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems makes CRM software targeted at small businesses which follow a business to business (B2B) model.  Their free offering is aimed at start-ups looking to manage and track their leads and customers.  What is even better is this feature is free for start-ups forever.


7) Agile CRM

Agile’s free CRM is targeted at small and medium sized start-ups and is free for the first ten users.  The CRM offers tools for increasing sales and for automating marketing.


8) Suite CRM

Suite CRM offers unlimited users in its free version for thirty days allowing start-ups to have ample time to think on about the CRM tool.  Following the thirty-day free trial start-ups can make a purchase from three plans which will suit their business needs perfectly.


This concludes the list of free CRM tools which are currently the best available in the markets for start-ups. 

*This article was covered by Top Business Tycoon