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Ashwini Asokan is the Co-founder of Mad Street Den (MAD). She is a brave tech entrepreneur who called it quits to the job at Silicon Valley and ventured into entrepreneurship. 

Ashwini’s initial plan was not to be a tech enthusiast—a dancer, singer, or musician maybe— but her plans changed when she went abroad to study Product Design. She landed a job in Intel at Silicon Valley where she developed her interest in AI.

MAD was established in with a mission to build models of generalizable intelligence that can be used by billions of people from various industries across the globe. It has grabbed the attention of various retail giants and investors due to automated workflows and bringing in operational efficiency. So far, they have generated 600 million product tags, 1,000+ digital models, and curated over three billion outfits. The start-up has helped generate 65 percent higher revenue per visitor and saved time of up to 30 hours per week per person. 

MAD is an Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision company. It is building an AI Architecture of the future. They use Artificial Intelligence to get any smartphone with a camera to identify faces, detect facial expressions and emotions, and react to facial gestures. 

  • Education: Product Design and Movement Grammar

  • Prior Work Experience: Product Design

*This profile was covered by: Top Business Tycoon