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What instigated the idea of ‘Aamirav’? What was the driving force behind the inception of the company?

During my 14 years tenure in the Corporate Role, my creativity and excitement were stifled. During this stint, I had come across many small and medium scale companies in the Aroma, Detergent, and Personal Care Products ingredients space, which had good products but lacked the resources to be successful. With my all-around training, I thought if I could use my expertise and my ideas, I could partner with them to help grow and achieve their objectives. My high level of self-assurance and my passion for my work coupled with my expertise prompted me to pursue this sourcing and development of specialty and fragrance chemicals activities.

What services does your company offer? What differentiates your services from your contemporaries?

AAMIRAV specializes in developing bespoke and customized home and personal care products as well as identifying, supplying, and distributing specialty chemicals and aroma ingredients. Aamirav also offers a wide range of consulting services and is a one-stop-shop for product development projects in the areas of Fabric Wash, Fabric Care, and Personal Care. We provide holistic product development where technical, as well as non-technical areas (e.g. Marketing, claims, communication, etc.), are addressed. We go beyond written commitments and we address all areas where we believe we can contribute to the success of the project. Our client’s achievement is our reward and we consider our customers to be extensions of ourselves. Our Company has an excellent track record of accomplishment in difficult tasks since its inception in 1991. Its robust code of ethics and professionalism is built on a foundation of knowledge and experience. Aamirav considers clients to be partners in progress and goes above and beyond contractual commitments. Our modus operandi has resulted in us receiving recognition in the form of accolades and awards from numerous clients and industry majors, as a trusted provider of solutions in a variety of market segments and categories, including soaps, cosmetics and detergents product development, specialty chemicals, ingredients for home & personal care applications, aromatic ingredients, natural and essential oils for flavors and fragrances, and more.

Why should one choose Aamirav?

We have a laser-like focus on products and markets, as well as a track record of excellent performance year after year. We hone in on developing products that meet the needs of customers and markets as well as provide creativity in developing new markets and applications. We are a Company you can rely on to be your constant partner in your endeavors. We are passionate in all that we do and this translates into successful results, a win-win situation for all. Our expertise goes beyond product development to Distribution and Supply Chain Management and we are truly a ONE STOP SHOP for the client.

Your company offers customization in personal care products. How popular is this customization service? What customizations in skin care have you provided in the near past?

Aamirav offers customization for not only aroma ingredients, personal care products but also for other products that we develop in the space of fabric care, fabric wash, hard surface cleaning. We believe that success depends on how well one meets the needs and quality requirements of the target consumer and hence a focused approach is a must. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Nor do we believe in picking out a formulation from our library and force-fitting it onto a customer’s needs. Our products are developed from scratch and are based on fundamentals. We focus a lot on value delivery which requires detailed consumer insights, market dynamics knowledge, consumer usage patterns, consumer likes & dislikes, etc. which are all built into our final product offering. This holds good for all our product development projects. Client confidentiality does not permit us to disclose names or give examples of our projects.

Tell us about your company’s growth.

As Aamirav utilized its knowledge and strengths, what began as a business in the sourcing and use of Specialty Chemicals for the Home & Personal Care Industry swiftly developed into adjacent areas of fragrance ingredients and Supply Chain Management and Distribution, both globally and in India. Aamirav has developed from a USD 2000 firm in 2005 to a multi-million dollar company with offices in Mumbai and Pune, as well as a collaboration/distribution Center with BELGES in Singapore. Aamirav's first breakthrough came soon after the company was created when a conditioner ingredient for the Lakme brand was made, and there was no turning back after that. The company quickly attracted international clients such as P&G, Warwick International in the United Kingdom, Sud-Chemie in Germany, Milliken in the United States, Belinka Perkemija in Slovenia, DRT in France, Pinova in the United States, and others.
We operate as a one-stop-shop solution provider for everything from product development, raw material import, and local warehousing to product consolidation for export shipment, auditing, and distribution, and last but not the least, which is the need of the hour-Supply Chain management and optimization.

What according to you is your company’s biggest achievement?

From inception, we aimed to help our clients to achieve their objectives. We wanted to build an impeccable reputation and our earnings were of secondary importance. The fact that we have established a loyal clientele consisting of some of the most well-known names in the industry is in itself a major achievement. Our clients include Indian as well as foreign multinationals. Aamirav has won awards for its performance as technology development, marketing, distribution, and supply chain services specialist over the years. Aamirav's services include locating trustworthy vendors, vendor evaluation, vendor audit/ benchmarking, Market Intelligence, and the development of innovative product concepts, among others. Both Indian enterprises that wish to advertise their products abroad and foreign ventures that seek to enter and flourish in the Indian market are part of the target clientele.

Mention your company’s awards and recognitions.

The quality of our work has been recognized through several awards which include a Special Award & Citation from Soaps & Detergents Toiletries Review for the introduction of Zeolite & environmentally friendly products for the Indian Detergent Industry. A leading MNC has named us as one of the top three companies that contributed the most unique ideas to them which positively impacted their business.
We were honoured as one of the TOP 10 Consultants in our field by the Consultants Review Magazine 2018 (details in https://www.consultantsreview.com/vendor/article88/aamirav I am currently a Member of The International Business Committee of the Indian Merchants Chamber which suggests ways to bolster the exports and overall business to the Govt. of India.

What is your company’s vision?

Our vision is to Innovate and create with complete transparency, entire integrity, and the highest ethics. We are committed to providing the best quality of service to our customers, especially the industries that receive value-added chemical products and raw material ingredients from us. Our vision is to strive for perfection in customer service by delivering the appropriate quality goods at the right time at a fair price. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are willing to go the extra mile to achieve this. We do not believe in a client-supplier type of relationship and we treat our clients as partners in progress. In product development, our ambition is to delight the consumer by delivering targeted quality at the lowest cost with on-time in-full delivery of products meeting their expectations. We believe that the success of our clients is the only way to our success and that nothing else counts.

Tell us about your affiliations/collaborations and how it has helped your company?

We have formal links with several Companies and count an even larger number of Companies as our Associates and Collaborators I give below a snap-shot of a few Companies we are proud to have been with associated & collaborated with :
1. Les Derives Resiniques & Terpeniques - France Founded DRT was founded in 1932, DRT and has expanded beyond French borders and now has a global presence in gum rosin, turpentine, resins, and terpenes. DRT has now been taken over by Firmenich but our association continues.
2. Milliken & Company – USA The main business is producing dyes and colorants for a wide range of applications, including polyurethane foam, detergents, soaps, liquid detergents.
3. Belinka Perkemija – Slovenia Founded in 1948, Perborates and Hydrogen Peroxide are their main products.
4. Procter & Gamble – U.S.A./India Our association work with them has been for the last 3 decades on various fronts such as aroma ingredients, specialty chemicals for cosmetics, personal hygiene, etc.
5. Hindustan Unilever Ltd - India We have contributed to the development and supply space on surfactants, zeolites, bentonites, detergent raw materials, polymeric colorants, and other materials.
Other companies whom we are proud to associate with are ETERNIS FINE CHEMICALS LTD., ATUL LTD, KEVA FRAGRANCES PVT. LTD., (S.H. Kelkar), BEST VALUE CHEM PVT. LTD., LANXESS INDIA PVT. LTD., RIVERINE BODY CARE, KUNDALY NATURALS (A TATA Group Company), etc… etc…

What are the plans of Aamirav?

We are targeting growth by building on our strengths and areas of expertise. We started with a single vertical of being a supplier/source of Specialty Chemicals for the Home & Personal Care Industry and later swiftly developed into adjacent areas of fragrance ingredients and Supply Chain Management and Distribution.
We have now added a new vertical of technical services and product development in Home & Personal Care, after the induction of Mr. Winston Pereira, retired from Unilever, who brings along about 40 years experience in Chemicals ( 5 years) and Fabric wash/Fabric Care product development across Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, etc ( 35 years).
Mr. Amay Merchant represents an infusion of young blood. After coming back from his 5-year stint with Morgan Stanley in Equity Sales and Investment banking in the USA, he has swiftly proved himself in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Market Intelligence, and Developing new products and Vendors.
We are currently studying several interesting growth opportunities which will form new verticals, but for confidentiality reasons, I cannot share them with you. Watch this space for more exciting news from Aamirav !!!!

A) Kindly provide us with the following information also:
1) Year of Founding: 1991
2) Funding Information: Self funded
3) Founding Members: Mr. Jaidev Merchant and 2 others - Since 2007, Aamirav is solely owned by the Merchant family.
4) Office Locations: Mumbai, Singapore with Associate Offices in USA and Mexico. ......
5) Warehousing facilities – Mumbai, Singapore, USA, Mexico.
6) Website: http://www.aamirav.co.in