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Chitra Gurgani Dhaga is the Co-founder of Thrillophilia and one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of India. In today’s stress-ridden world, people often turn to a mini-vacation for a break. Through Thrillophilia, Chitra tried to combine the adventure and tourism together for the travel enthusiasts.

Chitra is the alumnus of Indian business school and belongs to a family with high designations in the service industry. However, she did not have any exposure to the family business. She wanted to build something independently so she shot in the dark and scored indeed.

After a lot of debates, research, and discussion, in 2009 Chitra established Thrilliophilia. She hired exceptional adventure experts, experienced staff, and trained professionals who have within them the passion just like she has. Currently, Thrillophilia has more than 3.5 million monthly users. Consequently, Thrillophilia has more than 12,500 listed activities across 125+ destinations.

Thrillophilia is an Indian adventure travel company that curates the best local experiences with hand-picked guides and vendors to expand your journey into something offbeat and super fun. Above all, Thrillophilia is India’s biggest online platform when it comes to booking your travel experiences. 

  • Education: MBA

*This profile was covered by: Top Business Tycoon