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Diya Gurnani ( Co-Founder), Simran Gurnani (Founder) - Chai Vaai Café

1. What is the idea behind the name of your business?

Idea behind the name Chai Vaai Café was to sound catchy and attractive, especially being in the middle of huge competition in mid-size range café. We just wanted one thing, something catchy, something that rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember. The name Chai Vaai Café adds the ‘’quirk’’ factor to the brand which will attract youth as well as the floating population.

2. How do you balance between taste and health?

The entire menu was designed with the thought process of using the best of the ingredients and preparing it hygienically. Our menu is widespread with different cuisines and we make sure everything tastes best to the end-user. However, while we focus on creating scrumptious dishes we do not want to compromise on health. Our unique dishes vigilantly blend taste and health to ensure that we do not become labeled as the ‘’junk food joint’’.

3. What does taste mean to you? How do you describe the satisfaction?

At Chai Vaai Café, the only thing which made us stand out in the market during lockdown was our Quality, Quantity, Price, and most important factor TASTE. Describing Taste would be easy for us after having 18 plus Outlets Pan-India and people coming back because of Taste and all the other factors. We wish to appeal to the taste buds and palates of young India.

4. We would love to know the journey of CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ and its owners

As a determined housewife and a mother of two, I got the right support and resources from my family and especially my daughter Diya Gurnani to start a small Cafe known as CHAI VAAI CAFE in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I channelized all my savings into the business unaware of the outcome. The cafe started on a stable note and business was smooth, but to make it harder the PANDEMIC COVID-19 kicked in. The entire nation and the world went on Lockdown. After feeling hopeless, I broke down but didn't give up. The bank would call me for clearance of dues. The shop licensor was not giving concession in the wake of the pandemic. A ray of hope came in when I was granted permission to re-open the cafe. We started fixing the damage by putting all the broken pieces together to bring us back into the business. Initially, it was very hard, but I believe it was my willpower and determination that resurrected us. The entire team started working on a strategy that took some time to implement but eventually we became CHAI VAAI CAFE PRIVATE LIMITED with over 19 Operational Outlets PAN - INDIA, and 5 Upcoming outlets. Chai Vaai Cafe Private Limited is visible in cities like Indore, Ambajogai, Lucknow, Ichalkaranji, Sirohi, Ahmedabad, Patna, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Varanasi, Jalgaon, Raipur, Jabalpur, Lalitpur, Navi Mumbai, and many more upcoming. It's been a mixture of hard and good times, still struggling but strong at Heart with all determination to show everyone who looked down on me for everything. Our amazing menu range was designed by food specialists with a very extensive plan for everyone in a budgeted and pocket-friendly manner.

5. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Why prefer CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ

We have been different from the day we took our first step starting Chai Vaai Café. Our menu is unique in many ways. We offer over 7 different flavours of tea ranging from rose to chocolate and 12 different options for sandwiches. We have a special “Maa menu’’ which encompasses homely recipes such as Rajashtani poha, Chur-Chur Parastha and more. When we talk about Indore (Madhya Pradesh), a city called for foodies, establishing a café would mean plenty of competition. Indore has been booming non-stop for several years, so we kept the trend on and stood way apart from other Chai Brands who are growing and selling franchises all over. We serve almost the same Tea & Coffee menu as most other brands in the market but what differentiates us is that we have FOOD FOR EVERY MOOD. We practically serve every type of food on our menu to attract more people in a pocket-friendly way. Thus we do not compare ourselves to other Chai-selling brands in the market. Our Vision and Mission are different from the others.

6. What are the major differences that came in your work due to COVID 19 virus? Describe precautions that you follow.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the biggest struggle of common man was the acquisition of basic needs such as food. With all the major food joints getting shut, people were literally scrambling day and night to bring food on their plates. Our situation was no different. When we started our business with our first outlet, we were entering a market full of similar businesses all around, as everyone says Indore being a big foodie market we had to stand out to survive so all we focussed on was to stand out in that competition. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, due to which nobody dared to put money in the business. Even with this scenario, we were successful in opening more than ten outlets PAN-INDIA in less than seven months. The core point of the brand has been simple to target everyone with a pocket-friendly menu so that in this situation we will be able to sustain and run the business. To be honest the biggest challenge has been the biggest opportunity.

7. We would like to know about the successful plans of yours which you implemented as a change and became your identity.

When we rolled out the giving franchise, the only objective we had was to grow on FOOD, as multiple Chai brands are giving similar types of services and menus. We didn't want to be called same or usual, so we developed our cost to the basic for franchise and menu for mass, where we start from Rs10 – Rsl50 where we can target everyone, with a pocket-friendly menu serving fresh, hygienic, fast meals served with the best ingredients and loads of LOVE. We offer full training to all the franchise owners and staff, with a well-trained Chef with proper SOP.

8. How would you describe your leadership style?

If I talk about personality traits being specific to our brand, I will say 100% of hard work, determination, the skill set of people who are with you, and it is very necessary to have an attitude of not giving up. Lastly, my advice would be to always try to grow on your customers and make them feel overwhelmed with your service and food.

9. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Did it prove good or bad?

The biggest risk was getting in franchise business amid complete Lockdown. Our roadmap was very simple to open one outlet and make the ends meet, but what I see now CHAI VAAI CAFÉ PRIVATE LIMITED, to be at least everywhere possible in PAN-INDIA, and it's just not about opening multiple outlets it is about making every franchise grow with all the support, help, and keeping the brand up with all the latest trends. We want to be at least 25 outlets by the end of 2022.

10. Describe the term either leave some decision to the chance or choose the way first.

Innovation is what we all are about, we keep adding that's what it's all about, the team is full of experience and ideas and we fully support them to bring it ahead. We keep ourselves updated with all the new trends and all the possibilities of what can be done, but we also do see the budget of our franchise owners, that how far can we take it forward.

Please do provide us the following links.

1. Facebook : chaivaaicafe

2. Instagram: chaivaaicafe

3. LinkedIn : chaivaaicafe

4. Email : chaivaaicafe@gmail.com / franchise@chai-vaaicafe.in

5. Website : www.chai-vaai-cafe.in

Kindly provide us with the following information also:

1) Year of Founding : 2018

2) Funding Information : None

3) Founding Members : Simran Gurnani (Founder) Diya Gurnani(Co-Founder)

4) Office Locations : G-3, Plot No 83, Scheme 53, Vijay Nagar , Indore.

5) Website : www.chai-vaai-cafe.in