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Velox - Founder and Managing Director

Mangesh Amale, An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Speaker, he is the Founder and Managing Director of Velox Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Velox Virtual World Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai India and Velox Inc, Chicago USA.

What was the motive behind the establishment of the firm?

I have always sought to be unique and innovative in the field of technology. While working as a banker, I witnessed various cyber threats and attacks, so I decided to create a robust, indigenous Cyber Security solution that will safeguard and strengthen corporate and financial networks around the world.

What were the challenges you have faced at the time of inception?

I started working on this project while still working full-time, but it required so much of my time that I had to leave my job to devote all of my time to it.

Several obstacles confronted me throughout the start-up phase. The most difficult task was mobilising resources and balancing my full-time employment with developing resources for my new project.

Despite various challenges, I was able to conquer them and retain a positive attitude.

Raising funds and building a creating a viable business plan were major challenges which eventually dealt with success.

Why did you choose to work in the IT SERVICE sector?

Technology has always captivated me, and the impact it has had on people’s lives, as well as the community and economy as a whole.

I had the opportunity to work with tech-savvy organisations early in my career, where I could research and explore this opportunity.

As a result, I chose to pursue a profession in technology in order to create something that will have a significant impact on the economy and the lives of people.

How do you see the future of the SERVICE sector?

In my opinion, technology will continue to impact the lives of people and the overall development of the economy across the sectors. Eventually how different nations will develop their economies will be to a great extent will be determined by how well they are able to leverage their technological capabilities. Hence, my main vision is to continue to explore and invent new technologies that will spur organizations into higher growth with emerging opportunities.

What qualities do you possess that, in your belief, makes you a good leader?

  • Among several leadership qualities, I strongly believe a successful leader must be visionary and unwavering in his commitment to his objective.

  • ‘He must also be a lifelong learner with great interpersonal skills.’

  • Problem-solving skills, an analytical mindset, and a never-say-die attitude are three of the most critical qualities for success.

When is the best time to come for the IT SERVICE solution that you provide? The need for Cyber Security is on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The demand for Cyber Security is skyrocketing and shows no signs of stopping. Cyber Security has come a long way ever since the need for it was made evident. But as cybercriminals and hackers become more potent by the day, Cyber Security operations need to be improved continuously as Cyber Security will be always growing.

What is the story of your journey? What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your own life?

As you requested, I’d like to share the experience of a small-town lad who was born in Junnar, a small village about 92 kilometers from Pune, and grew up in a modest household; my parents owned just 27,000 square feet of non-irrigated land, so they worked as labourers to meet the family’s basic needs.

The day had been long and arduous, and we needed to labor in order to obtain our daily meals.

I chose to work as a laborer while schooling because I was the family’s eldest son, and I continued to work part-time while earning my degree.

I went to a government Marathi medium school, graduated from Pune University, and went on to do post-graduate work in Information Technology.

My father, Mr. Mahadeo Amale, inspired me since, despite being an agronomist, he had a talent for repairing diesel engines used for irrigation.

Despite the challenges, my desire to learn continues, and I have obtained many technological certificates and pursued MBA, a Diploma in Management and Cyber Law, and a PGDBT from the IIBF.

I am currently pursuing an Executive MBA at IIT Bombay & Washington University.

Prior to inception of Velox, I had an opportunity to work in senior management positions at Oracle Technologies, HDFC Bank, and Zenith InfoTech. By taking cues from experiences and lessons, I am thriving in running my institution successfully at national as well as international level.

What does SUCCESS mean for you?

Making a difference and taking care of the people closest to you.

It is also nice to feel like you made a difference - inventing something, creating something unique and valuable that can add significant value to businesses and communities.

Please let us know if the existing COVID19 scenario has a unique solution?

It’s a difficult one. I am not sure if there is anyone unique solution. We will have to expedite and cover more people with vaccinations; we at Velox conducted a Vaccination drive for clients, employees, and their families. We also should continue to spread awareness on personal hygiene and at the same time ramp up our health care infrastructure.

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