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Mr Gagan Arora - CEO & Strategic Growth Leader, Vertex Global Services

What was the idea behind the establishment?

Mr Gagan Arora : My inspiration behind formulating Vertex Global Services has always been the need to innovate and build technological innovation creating a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures individuals associated with us. We initiated with a strong vision to revolutionize the industry. We have accelerated towards the pinnacle of success through our expertise in the Fortune 500 in various domains such as Staff Augmentation, Artificial Intelligence, Business Processing Optimization, and Performance Marketing. Furthermore, we have expanded our services by developing a versatile LMS platform.

The idea has always been to merge creativity and technology to create dynamic solutions. With the objective of providing end-to-end solutions and functionality under one roof, we have equipped businesses with cutting-edge solutions and advanced their performance with our technology and expertise. We believe that people are driven by technologies, we use them as a medium to influence the people and bring positive change across the globe.

What were the challenges you have faced at the time of inception?

Mr Gagan Arora : When I started this journey, I had four primary interests: this market, working towards a compelling vision, capitalizing on great capabilities, and working with great

people. Forming and maintaining a large number of clients’ internally and externally requires dedication and vision. Initiating any venture in any domain is a daunting task. Every Entrepreneurial journey has a silent struggle followed by success and mine is no different. As an entrepreneur, I have played multiple roles and worn many hats for Vertex Global Services and kept my team of Unstoppable motivated and inspired.

Vertex Global Services was established in 2016, and it was a leap of faith. With limited resources and a firm belief in the power of technology, Vertex started from Florida. Technology-driven enterprises then were at a nascent stage of becoming pervasive businesses. With operations in India, UK, USA, Philippines and Nepal the company skyrocketed and established a global footprint after just a few years in the market.

Today, Vertex Global Services is the 19th most innovative organization, Best Place to Work, India’s Best company and NASSCOM accredited in just 4 years from its inception.

What one should must aware of to get succeed today?

Mr Gagan Arora : Entrepreneurship is no longer a sustained province of business veterans. When I ideated Vertex Global Services, I only had two things in hand - passion, and vision to make a difference in the industry. Also, I relied massively on the learning of people: friends, colleagues, and business experts I admired. As a leader, I have understood how crucial it is to

develop and learn from personalities who have achieved their goals with hard work. And this can become our strength can lead the way to success.

Businesses run on innovation, agility and lasting bonds. You can measure the success of any venture by realizing how it has transformed the lives of those who are associated with the brand. It is an integral part to look out for one another, be it your competitors, employees or stakeholders especially during these turbulent times. Focus on developing lasting relations with clients along with industry professionals to mark a lasting impression.

How do you see the future of the marketing industry in this digital era?

Mr Gagan Arora : With the ongoing Pandemic, it is certain that building a brand is no longer an easy task as the attention spans are decreasing. The Digital era has transformed the way how markets interact with brands and intake information. The marketing industry has developed unique and innovative ways to grab attention through digital means.

Vertex Global Services is an organization that is committed to innovation, as we endeavour to satisfy and exceed stakeholder’s expectations. With our performance marketing expertise, AI and constant enhancements in innovations, we can do more with data and facilitate digital transformation. It is an absolute philosophy of forwarding elevation to improve every aspect of the businesses. It provides a line of intelligent means for everything and everyone.

What qualities do you possess that, in your belief, makes you a good entrepreneur?

Mr Gagan Arora : Ambition, perseverance and courage to take risks are the keys to open the doors for any successful entrepreneur. It is easy to give up when going gets tough but the most successful entrepreneur persists because of the ambitious nature and the will to succeed. Always ready to take the risk, makes just an entrepreneur a success to reckon with.

We, at Vertex Global Services, try to keep up the positive work culture, which in return helps us in enhancing collaboration and productivity. We inculcate the desire to consistently learn and grow within every individual associated with us. As a mentor and a leader, I believe reinventing oneself is integral to make any venture successful.

When is the best time to come for the solution or services that you provide?

Mr Gagan Arora : I believe the best time to avail our services was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow. The pandemic enlightened us with the challenges faced by the private economic sector of the nation. It has also driven us to design solutions in lieu of the challenging times. Digital capabilities and strengths are now the cornerstones to gain a competitive edge in the current scenario.

We framed and upgraded our products and services which facilitated growth and as a result, we were doubled over as the solution providers. Our first and only priority is to fortify our Vertex family. This is also where we witnessed the power of technology as we deployed advanced AI and analytics along with the Work from anywhere model to showcase that technology can be harnessed in times of crisis to benefit individuals globally.

What is the story of your journey?

Mr Gagan Arora : “An entrepreneur always seeks change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity”. While everyone visualizes the risk, I perceive the reward. In a highly precipitous corporate world, there lies a simple truth–perfection does not exist; what does exist is the workforce who has the determination to achieve excellence despite having imperfections. While I faced immense challenges and my initial ventures did not flourish, I refused to lose sight of the greater good. My motivation lies in the instinct of riding the wave of innovation, which led to the creation of the brand “Vertex Global Services”. I left my job, sacrificed the comfort of a monthly salary and perks; then I invested money to achieve my dream. This became a firm belief that failures and setbacks teach us a lesson and become an important step to glory.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your own life?

Mr Gagan Arora : My entrepreneurial journey is an inspirational history for me that started from being a torchbearer to an entrepreneur and now to a leader. Starting as part of a team that launched global offices, with over 3000 employees only in Indore, India to spearheading

various departments and several brands for 15 years, I left the corporate job and launched Vertex Global Services in 2016 with operations in the USA, later expanded to the Philippines, India, UK, and have just reached Nepal in 2021. With an instinct of being solution-oriented, thinking out of the box always focussing on hard work with an essence of smart work, I was accoladed as The CEO of the year 2020.

What does success mean for you? How do you measure it?

Mr Gagan Arora : I believe in the power of learning and growing. It’s my sheer passion to drive business with an application-based approach. I always keep myself motivated and work with dedication in order to create a win-win situation for the entire business ecosystem that includes clients, partners and our team members.

The reason that drove me into entrepreneurship was my interest in technology and innovation. Ever since I started my journey, I have been looking to offer business solutions to clients that are driven by technological modernization. With an intent to create an almost-perfect business, I have achieved milestones such as 40 under 40 Top influential corporate Leaders Award, 2020 (CNBC), the CEO of the year award, 2020 (Indian Achievers Forum), The Best People Managers Award 2020 (Great Manager Institute and Forbes India), The Most Innovative Young Tech-Entrepreneur, 2020 (Brand Opus India).

Please tell us if there is an effective solution to boost up the current market scenario?

Mr Gagan Arora : Sustaining a business performance and growing its competitiveness demands a company to plan proactively and straighten their innovation approach as an inevitable ingredient of their company strategies. However, we made sure that it does not become a reactive strategy to catch up with the developing market or torch stoning with competitors.

We believe in our unique competencies and successful innovations that are well-articulated, enumerated, whittled with a mountable strategy.

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