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CEO & Managing Director, Gokaddak Technologies

Would you tell us about yourself, Your Journey, Initial Struggle?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : I spent 25 years working in the technology industry especially companies like Cisco where I spend most of my time, followed by a 5-year sting in Dell Technologies and earlier with Wipro. I have led, managed and created new businesses& new Innovations for these companies and last 16 - 17 years, I have spent mainly with emerging or futuristic technologies as we can call them like Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics and likewise. In my 25 years of working in the industry, I've learned a lot. I've been continuously learning, keeping myself educated because technology has changed a lot. Digital disruption as we call it today is in its 3rd phase and it is very important that we keep ourselves aligned if we have to succeed in this industry and I have been doing that. 2 years back I decided to move out of my full-time job and do something in terms of creating some new Innovation to solve some key business challenges, this led to the creation of Gokaddal.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : Well as I mentioned, technology especially Emerging Digital technologies is all around us, it is now part of our life. Change is the only constant and the rate of change in technology is very high. In the last 20 years if

we look at it, we have seen 3 waves of digital disruption starting with computers then smartphones & the Internet and now data. If we need to be successful in this world, we need to continuously upgrade ourselves to do that. I try to keep myself aligned by : I keep a very close watch on what's happening in this industry, which new technologies are coming, which technologies are going out of fashion, what new transformations are happening and we have to continuously look at that There are some new technological concepts which we need to adapt and learn. For example, 10 years back IoT was a new concept, the cloud was a new concept& artificial intelligence, though it's been there for a long, it was still a new concept. And now we talk of Blockchain, we talking of Robotic Process Automation, we are talking of Man-Machine interface and so much. One of the things any leader, who has to create a successful venture, has to be on top of these changes - so continuous education &upgrade of knowledge skills is critical.

What incident had most influenced your career choice?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : Yes there is definitely one incident I would like to quote. When I did my 12th, like any other aspirant way back in the early 90s I was looking for getting into an MBBS. I was in Kashmir at that time and that was the beginning of a very turbulent period in that state, so exams got postponed and cancelled multiple times, we would have wasted close to around 2 years to do what typically happens in one year. One fine day I got my result and I was selected for

MBBS. My whole family& friends were very excited but it was short-lived. Only to find after few days that they just cancelled that list, because a lot of students couldn't attend the exams due to curfews and somebody went to High Court and they cancelled the result. That created some depression kind and we started exploring alternate options, like engineering or BSc or business administration.

I was not keen to follow any of these because almost every other student was getting into these. Then I happened to know about College in Bangalore which was offering engineering in Computer Sc. Computers and Computer engineering was definitely very exciting thing then, I'm talking about 1990-91and that caught my attention. Though in my whole family, nobody had ever seen a computer. I thought maybe this is something that will set me aside so I applied, got selected, came to Bangalore& joined that college. That changed the whole thing, you know instead of being a doctor somewhere or being maybe a government official in some state or district which I was thinking earlier, thanks to my education, in last 25 years I have seen the world. I have worked in multiple countries, have been to more than 38 countries and got to learn a lot.

What/Who Inspires Gokaddal Technologies to start a digital solutions exchange cloud platform? How is it going for you (The Business)?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh: I mentioned last 10-15 years of my career has been mainly working with digital transformation technologies. One of the gaps me and my colleagues saw very clearly was that unlike technology products, where we now have a lot of resources and platforms available, Digital Solutions do not really have any common platform or a hub where stakeholders like digital solution providers or solution buyers or solution developers can converge. Since this market is growing very fast and digital has already become the new normal, any business or organization today cannot survive without digital technologies.

So it is very critical to have a medium where all these stakeholders can come and virtually transact. This was the basis of what led us to decide & create GOKADDAL as one of the first such platforms globally. In the last one and a half years when we started, we have tried to build the first phase of this platform. Unfortunately, due to pandemic issues, things got a bit delayed but we had our own share of success. As of today, we have more than 57 digital solutions on the platform and we are focused on multiple geographies like India Middle East Africa and now looking to Europe and North America as well

What kind of support you needed when you started Gokaddal Technologies?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : When we started the first and foremost thing we required was financial support as the first investment which is very critical for any startup. I

got to have 2 of my ex-college mates come and support me & eventually become Co-founders with me to launch this startup. Also, my last 25 years of industry network helped a lot. My first few opportunities were from my own network and even now when we are looking at the post-pandemic market to scale up, I am relying a lot on these networks and earlier relations to build a sustainable business model.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new people?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : If we look at the last couple of years how this industry is moving, one of the key factors which we notice is that Digital is now the new normal, Digital is the new default & Digital is the new way of working. Last year of the pandemic situation has proven this fact to the core that no business or organization can survive without digital transformation technology, especially the 4A technology domains where we focus on such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Analytics and Augmentative. To reach people we use a lot of digital mediums like social media, communication tools, PR tools and Business networks apart from Events and direct business development.

How does Gokaddal Technologieswork on making mankind better? &what can be expected from Gokaddal Technologies in the upcoming years?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : The solutions we focus on are creating a better world for all of us. Whether we talk of Energy Management or Smarter Cities or Solutions which enhance productivity and efficiency of people. We are working to solve real-life challenges with the help of technology. In the next few years, we look forward to GOKADDAL being a default go-to-platform for all digital requirements and needs.

How do you keep up with the latest technology/resources advances?

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh : As I mentioned earlier, we keep a close watch on industry trends, latest technological advancements and innovations. One of our key focus areas is to work with innovative startups and small businesses which are creating life-changing applications thus we get to have a clear view of what is coming ahead.

How do you evaluate success?

For me, the definition of success is not only in terms of financial and business achievement, but more to do with solving some real-life challenges. If I can make a difference in somebody’s life, then I feel I am successful.

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