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The HR Trail

A) Kindly provide us with the answers to the following questions:

1) Would you tell us about Yourself, Your Journey, Initial Struggle?

Hello! I’m Amber Trail. I currently hold my MBA, SHRM-CP, became a certified life coach, International Best-Selling Author, HR Coach and Consultant and my top priority is being a mom of three young boys. I call myself an HR enthusiast because I strive to be the best HR professional that there is. I want to be known as the HR expert. Recently, I have been focusing on human resource coaching for other HR professionals around the globe. As an experienced professional, I am able to bring top notch coaching skills for other HR professionals who are struggling to find their voice in the workplace and positively impact their corporate organization or their own business. After filling corporate HR Director positions, I started offering consulting services to small businesses in the U.S. More recently, I noticed a need for coaching to other HR professionals and I began to create a space where women, especially, can have 1:1 coaching sessions with myself to begin finding what their true passion in HR is and how can they continue moving forward pursuing their dream while not feeling stuck in their current situation.

2) What incident had most influenced your career choice?

During my early 20s I experienced a terrible incident in the workplace. This incident was one that I was being sexually harassed by another co-worker. Being inexperienced, I had no idea what to do about it. So, I went to our HR department and told them what was going on. The HR Director at the time just looked at me and said “what do you want me to do about it?”. At that moment, I knew that I didn’t like human resources and that they became useless as a voice within the company for the employees. With that experience, I also knew that the employees who ever experienced the same or similar situation as I did, deserved better. They deserve someone who would take action and hold others accountable for their actions. I began to dive into the world of human resources and focus on what I could do as an HR professional to help both the company and the employees be and feel successful.

3) Why choose The HR Trail?

With over a decade of Human Resources experience and education, I understand that small businesses need a high-quality HR person without hiring them full-time. With this, I founded The HR Trail, LLC™ to provide a unique set of professional skills in the market of Human Resources. HR has become one of the most frustrating departments in many businesses, but it is such a critical department to have in your business. If you don't have an HR department, it can become overwhelming to keep up with federal and state regulations. We work closely with our clients and find their creativity and passion for their business to help them empower their purpose in their market by providing actual human resource solutions.

4) What/Who Inspires The HR Trail to help small businesses with their human resource needs?

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know that each of us have our inner expertise. With that being said, we can’t do it all, all the time. That’s why I created The HR Trail. We help define what the real needs are for a small business owner. We take the people piece out of the equation for the owners and help them evaluate what their business needs and how to implement changes for success.

5) What kind of support you needed when you started The HR Trail?

Starting a business can be difficult. Especially, if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of being a business owner. Reaching out to support through community and networking groups can be vital to the survival of your business. I have thrived since starting this business because of the people I have been introduced to. I also highly recommend that everyone have a coach. A business coach and a personal coach. Creating that clear path and sticking to it can keep you on the road for success.

6) What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

Reaching new industries can be tricky. Building your personal brand and letting the world know on social media, networking events, speaking engagements and even writing books can help educate the world about your business and what services you can offer. Creating a solution to a common problem helps attract the business that you need and want to take on. Don’t over sign up for networking events but choose the ones that are going to fit the industry you work in and the customers you are looking for.

7) How does The HR Trail work on making the industry better? What can be expected from The HR Trail in the upcoming years?

Over the next few years, we plan to dominate the HR coaching field. We want women in the HR profession to know that we are here to help them. We want to be a part of their success and help them reach their maximum potential. Whether an individual wants to start a business or side hustle or continue working in the corporate world, we are here to help. No matter what, The HR Trail will continue to educate the HR field levelling up their career and how to get what you want out of your organization.

8) How do you keep up with the latest technology advances?

We have a great online business manager who stays up to date with technology. There is always something new and you can’t expect to constantly know everything. It’s great to have outside help because we can focus on what we love to do.

9) How do you evaluate success?

Creativity + Passion = Purpose. Purpose is what gets us up in the morning, it propels us forward toward reaching our goals and finding success. When evaluating success, we look at a variety of core elements. One of them being monetary values. Don’t just look at what you are bringing to the table but who you are impacting. Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you defining your success on how you feel about what you wake up and do every day? Be the change in the world.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehrtrail

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehrtrail/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-trail-mba-shrm-cp-80abb0149/

Email: amber@thehrtrail.com

Website: www.thehrtrail.com

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