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Co-Founder & Personal Branding Coach, SOULFUL IMPRESSIONS

“Girl with the dreams becomes women with the vision.”

We are pleased to present this interview with the awe-inspiring Ms Sonu Sing, Co-Founder & Personal Branding Coach, SOULFUL IMPRESSIONS. Here are the glimpses…

1) Will you tell us a bit about yourself, your journey, and your first struggle?

Training, sharing my knowledge with people, assist people in building identifying their personalities and enhancing them has always been my part of the profession and slowly I got interested in it became my Passion. To this I would like to say that YOU Already are a Brand you want it or not, now it’s your CHOICE, do you want that brand to work as you want or as others want. Initially, it was a rocky road to find my way to a new city with new people (since we shifted from Bangalore).

I started as an HR Executive post the completion of my MBA and have been doing the 9-9 job for almost 7 years. I have trained more than 1000+ people in groups, individual or corporate setup on various aspects of Image, Soft Skills &Personal Brand Building. Today being a mother of a 5-year-old, I can proudly say that my decision of becoming a mompreneur was the best. I started with pieces of training, Induction, Counseling employees in my organization and today when I look back it was my natural calling.

2) How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

The Training industry has seen a sea change from the physical to the digital world along with a shift from group learnings to individual coaching and training. To stay on top of changes in the industry and the new normal which has crept into our lives the best way is to stay updated with the latest trend and tap the

market in the first place. We have a very lean team thus implementing change is easy, taking decisions is easy, sharing thoughts and ideas is easy. When the pandemic stuck, we went digital and today I have completed more pieces of training digitally covering pan India and even the international market. So, we have our modules on the LMS platform, we have converted all our physical training to digital learning’s.

3) What incident had most influenced your career choice?

As an HR professional to my major career portfolio was in Learning & Development and when I interacted with some of the best in the industry trainers, educators, coaches I was in awe with them I have personally worked with many stalwarts like Ms Sabira Merchant, Mr Hiren Vakil, Mr Abraham Koshy, Dale Carnegie & likewise. They all have inspired me and when I got the opportunity to choose between job & passion, I choose my inspiration. The decision was tough however with the support of my family I was able to take a step to fulfill my dreams.

4) Why choose soulful IMPRESSIONS?

We have workshops and webinar which are tailor-made as per the client’s requirements, we never have the same content for all, as one shirt does not fit all, one content also does not fit all so we customize, and we believe in that. You do not need to worry about what others are doing, achieving, or growing what you need to worry about and prepare yourself with is HOW CAN YOU BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF every single day.

We work on the Vision of creating 1 million Magnetic Personalities by 2035 who can achieve anything Personally and Professionally at every threshold of their lives through our training or coaching interventions. So next time you want to build a Personality that would help you achieve Success for a day, week, year, or lifetime do not forget to DM us or email us. They would be so equipped with their strengths and know-how that they would not need any external validation.

5) What Inspires SOULFUL IMPRESSIONS to step into the vast industry of Image Consultants? Also, we would like to know, how you manage to be in a positive mindset to motivate people even in working in different fields simultaneously.

We at Soulful Impressions not only work on your outside appearance and body language to build a personality but we also work equally deep inside you to make you stronger there. Our corporate client’s testimony or our individual client’s testimony of achieving success, and getting inspired is what keeps us Motivated in such different fields. We need to keep pushing ourselves daily to evolve remain positive build our content and become more effective every time we meet a client because we know they are waiting for us. So, we work on both these aspects to build your personality and help you in achieving success.

What motivates us to keep working and contributing to this ocean is the satisfaction that we get seeing our happy and satisfied client. You can work on your existing personality and make it better to achieve your goals and success faster.

6) What kind of support you needed when you started SOULFUL IMPRESSIONS?

The next support that we wanted was to build a social media presence and that too I had some awesome friends and colleagues I came across during the pandemic who helped me crack this code of social media too. You are bound to get overwhelmed with the kind of things happening on social media however the key is to hold on to your grounds and work daily with a clear focus in your mind as to what you want to achieve, and you would achieve that.

7) What are your views on today’s industry scenario?

Today not only the large corporate and BIG 4 are focused on training, but even the mid to small corporate also want their employees to evolve and become better. Today everyone understands the importance of 1st impression and building a personal brand if they want success and growth in life.

The training industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. In this era of Digitization are you ready to change the way you work and become more adaptable to change is the key to define your success.

8) How do you keep up with the latest technology advances?

To keep up with the latest technology advances be updated with the technology coming in, see how it is impacting your industry and what benefits is it bringing in the industry and apply whatever is possible for your set up.

9) How do you evaluate success?

Evaluating success is the same as evaluating water, as water is important for you reliving success is important for your efforts and mental wellbeing, the efforts that you put in that does not result in small success then creates mental pressures. So, whatever little you are progressing is progress is a part of your journey, enjoy that, celebrate that success and be happy.

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Email: impressionssoulful@gmail.com

Website: www.soulfulimpression.com

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