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Founder & CEO, ClarityPR

Would you tell us about yourself, Your Journey, Initial Struggle?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : I am the founder & CEO of Clarity PR, a new age PR agency and has been in the PR industry for the last 20 years. I dabbled in various jobs such as selling credit cards to individuals, working with Child relief and you for a brief period of time before I meandered into the public relations world. This happened by chance when I happened to meet one of my neighbours in Bangalore in a busy market. Since then there has been no looking back. I moved from one PR agency to the other climbing the corporate ladder which helped me understand the nuts and bolts of the business really well.

It also exposed me to the elements that needed improvement in order to satisfy the end customer. I decided to take the plunge one fine day to start working as a freelancer. I was familiar with the business and clients kept adding up and I thought it is time that I take this to the next level. With investor backing, I established Clarity PR, hired employees, expanded my services to include media monitoring and digital marketing. In just 5 years we have grown from strength to strength and have the satisfaction of doing things my way and delighting my clients with every assignment.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : Change is constant and there are changes happening everywhere. We need to understand the market and adapt to this change.

What incident had most influenced your career choice?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : There is not a single incident but Just like any individual, initially, I was not even aware of my career interests. But dabbling in various industries helped me understand where my interest lies. Initially, when I entered the PR industry, I wanted to understand the PR industry. Once I started working, I was enjoying every moment and understood the nuances. But I think learning has never stopped for me which has made me a successful PR Professional.

What/Who Inspires Clarity PR to step into the vast industry of PR? How is it going for you (The Business)?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : With a vast experience in PR, I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. So it was a natural progression towards becoming a FREELANCER AND FINALLY heading Clarity PR. We have gone from strength to strength every year. Our client attrition rate has been minimal and has provided value to the company. Our belief in being transparent, proactive with the clients has made us do good work

What kind of support you needed when you started Clarity PR?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : I always required initial capital which I received from my investor. I had seen a lot of my ex-colleagues who struggled with capital which made me realise the need for capital to run the business. So, I was fortunate enough to get an investor on board. Then our focus was on building a good team and clients. Thus, today we boast of having more than 25 retainer clients.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new people?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : The PR industry is a dynamic industry and undergone a lot of metamorphous\. Moreover, with the changing environment due to COVID-19, newfound importance is being given to the industry which is playing a key role. We are increasingly seeing an increase in the demand for PR services. Most of the clients are realizing the long-term benefits of having a sustainable PR strategy. With media changing rapidly, agencies should take a focused PR approach which would help the company.

How does Clarity PR work on making mankind better? &What can be expected from Clarity PRin the upcoming years?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : This year, our focus is on building the brand for which we are investing in digital marketing. During Covid, we have expanded to Bangalore, Hyderabad and plan to move to Chennai, Kerala and other cities. We also plan to focus on PR Technology.

How do you keep up with the latest technology/resources advances?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : Clarity PR is a new age company that is aligned towards modern age communication. Our operational team uses new-age communication as compared to traditional methods. We are still streamlining our processes using the technology to our benefit.

How do you evaluate success?

Ms.Sowmya Iyer : I evaluate success by the quality and learning from mistakes. For me, I also see the journey that person is taking to achieve his or her goal

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